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Aye, Aye Captain

I’m sick of waiting, okay?
I don’t need a prince with greasy armor, or whatever.

Forget the prince, I am a Captain.
These may be uncharted waters,
but how else do you learn to sail?

It requires patience,
long-term planning,
impulsive decisions,
and maybe a dramatic spin of the steering wheel.

Only a Captain knows their ship
the best, and the true ones
never stop learning.
Whoa! Look, I mended that
splintering plank. Now,
no one will step on it.

I journey to help others,
but, also, because it is the only way to
stay afloat.

That is all you need to do.
Stay afloat, please?

Universal Traveler

I'm looking at my bookshelf
thinking of all the places
I could be.

Just How Broken?

Sometimes you don't know
how broken you are until you try
to piece yourself back together.

BandAids unstick.
Dreams are forgotten,
plans were rewritten.

To you.

Fortunately, I never had to introduce myself to you, because you were always there.
Originally, you were always so much wiser in my eyes… and that hasn’t exactly changed.
Realizing you’d be there for me, never happened because I assumed it (oops).
Greetings became unnecessary because you started our hangouts by making a beeline for my kitchen.
I have a collage of memories of the two of us, but sometimes the amount of love blocks any concrete details.
Vampires were your thing, so I made them mine too.
Every year we’d go trick or treating, even when we may have been too old.

My favorite moments end up being times where we weren’t doing anything, but we just were.
No onE else could compare (to you).

Cosas Que Los Americanos No Entienden

Hay cosas que quiero gritar.
Quiero decirlo hasta que los techos
tiemblen arriba de las cabezas de los que no entienden.

No es todo comida y ropa colorada tan linda;
cosas que piensas que entiendas.
Comemos arroz y frijoles todos los días,
y lo que no es porque había un cumpleaños o era navidad.
Mucho de allá no es bonito. Pero, es maravilloso.
Es todo mi familia y amor.
Es gente dándole todo cuando no tienen nada.

Es otro mundo.
No estoy hablando
nada más de un diferente lugar,
idioma, o cosas políticas.
Todo eso son distintos,
no quiero decir que no.

Si tiempo es una pista en Los Estados,
en Panamá vivimos en un rio.
Solo puedes vivir.

Hay días donde se mueve rápido,
pero en las mayorías de los casos-
no pasa así.

No sabes cuándo van a regresar
cuando salen diciendo
- ¡voy a pasear! -

20 Words

20 Words – Whit Flores

It is simple, really, to leave a long lasting mark on this world because you will always have one thing.

Tens of thousands of years, and more than that of inconspicuous little things that have no real value alone.

Now, these things are curious, in the way they are set in stone, yet sometimes change without warning.

You may find yourself bonding to them in a completely abstract manner that haunts for the better.

I would like you to consider learning about them in depth just to grasp it all.

Physical remnants can be left, of course, but I encourage acknowledging the ripples you make.

The possibility of imprinting on someone else’s experience should be regarded with sincere care.

You may not yet understand my message, so I would like to reiterate.

To leave your strongest mark you must understand each of them individually.

Wait. Noted, alone, they can give certain amounts of moldable information.

Just don’t forget that your real power here is design.

So many possibilities await because you become a magician.

Thought altering spells, but what are your goals?

Witches who turn petty tyrants into frogs?

I hope you make it right.

This place that hates truth.

If you just look.

Find your Light.

Scream it.



It's complicated.
Expand your views and watch as
your world overflows.

#haiku #unapologetic


You never know what you have
until you lose it.
And I am not sure I ever understood that

Depression can ride on your heels
until you believe,
believe with all that you have,
that you have nothing.

But, are you forgetting your speech?
Try not having it.

You have your focus.
The ability to hone in on
your work.

Walking feels
silly to note,
but be grateful
for every step you
can take without thinking.
            I did not lose my ability
            forever, but every day
            is still a battle against the possibility.
Realize you walk with ease,
no panicked moments if you forget something in the next room.
Realize you walk with every part of your foot.

It's funny. These words don't come
from a place of deep thought;
they are just ankles.
But, I didn't know we had a midfoot.
I didn't know they would become so vital.
So painful.

Lose your freedom,
you'll hate yourself
for not seeing it sooner.

Notice the things you have.
Not for guilt.
To note.
To respect. Feel grateful.

I will be here,
dreaming of standing on
that mountain ridge,
one day.

Friendships Suck

It can suck.

Friendships, I mean.

Not in the way you think.

All consuming.
That is what it is
you end up loving
this human-
this beautiful, flawed,
exceptional, part of the universe-
and it is all that you are.
You want to hear them laugh
You crave their smile and
their face, no matter its state.

It sucks because
no matter what you do,
they can still get hurt.
And when they cry,
you sob,
when they whimper,
you scream.

No love can quite
match friendships.
unbeknownst to popular opinion,
they are not built
on time, but experiences.
She saw you at your worst
and came back.
She gathered up old photos,
to remind you that good times exist.

And it reminds me, that with her,
they always will.

So, yeah, friendships
They give you an addiction,
problems you can’t fix,
and so much love you might just
have trouble holding on to all
your other pieces

And it is all worth it.
The fear, pain, vulnerability…
You’d loop it infinitely

if you could.