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If I Was A Thing

If I was a bird-
I'd fly with wings pointed high in
the sky, feathers
barely nicking the corners
of the sun.
I'd live in a nest,
low in the tree-
close to the
action of the world
Slowly eating bugs I find along my path.

If I was a fish-
I'd swim and swim and swim
to the edge of the world.
Breathing through my sides,
Eating anything that moves
in the still water of the

If I was a thing-
I'd be a bird or a fish,
something tall or something small,
or maybe nothing at all.
Just a speck in this world,
having a ball.

Mountain Time

I am astonished
at the human lack of ability
to stay still.

Skipping ahead.
Snapping pictures of landmarks to prove
how far they have walked,
instead of capturing the moment
in their hearts.

Stop and breathe.

My challenge to you
is to live on mountain

Do not dwell on
the mistakes of your
past or compare
to your old feats
Do not fret over the uncertain
Still yourself

The mountain is frozen in
yet never stops moving,

Leaves are reaching
desperate grasps
at the sunlight,
sunlight can never be grasped
only reflected.
Trees spiral up
to the sky,
Ants dutifully picking
up pieces of the forest floor
never stopping to admire their progress.
Mushrooms ever carefully decaying
what they grow on,
yet it is not out of
malice, like the word projects

Only part of mountain time.


To get the perfect picture
you have to take a step back
and get a better angle
Making sure the light is just right
Life is a little like that.


Waves of steam claiming winter air
floating from plastic cups
Warmed up backs from roaring flame

Sharpened pencil leaving
little dusts of graphite
on your paper.
Finding a constellation that
you can recognize. Hey look!

Fall in love with the details.

Rain, Rain, It's OK

Who lets their couch give
a hug when drops fall from the sky?
When water darts across the streets,
full of secrets,
slick with misery?

Curl into yourself.
Must and old memories
timeless words-
let them overwhelm you,
Fogging your mind
Snaking into your noes
And between your toes

with those words from never land

It All Falls Apart

sharpie buildings and water color skies
Cities built from the wonder of dreams.

Paper people
with bubble ideas
The new guy
Who can't believe her
boss holds the
fact that can pop her world.

No more staples, to hold
life together.
Rules change,
but just another day

The wind catches heartbeats
to snatch souls in the smoke.


Find the antique shops and coffee houses.
The nooks and crannies.
Cracks are where the wisdom lies.
Scurrying spiders carrying secrets.
Dust off corners to unveil the past.
cobwebs wrapping timeless mentions.

Witness to the gambler.
no more staples
Time is running out.


The bar stool is up.
the goal unopened
An unread hardcover-
made from dead plants

A world made of death
to let life thrive.